What validation do you follow?

The idea of what self-validation is and starting to ask where your validation comes from.

9/9/20232 min leer

Hello friends, acquaintances and those that I don't know yet,

Welcome! This would be my very first post and I wanted to bring you something JUICY that I am currently working on for myself but also that I think could be TASTY for you too. I want to share the mess and the journey and maybe even bring in some insight to your life. But first, let me ask you a question; What validation do you follow?

Seems like a trick question right?.... but it is actually simple; do you follow the external validations or the internal validations in your everyday life?

I can't exactly remember what I was doing during the time I stumbled upon this idea for myself, but I sure know how it felt. It felt like a ton of bricks, all at once and I was so sidetracked by it, but I LOVED IT... This is what my inner voice said to me: "You've been following validation externally your whole life, but now I think it is time to follow it internally." Just like that, I decided to venture into this unknown.

In one part, it sounds like the same idea people have been talking about as of recently and that is, to follow your own moral compass or to be yourself right?

Not quite though..... because I don't know about you and maybe I have this all wrong, but we all seek some type of validation, from our friends, jobs, parents, and even the UNIVERSE. Yup, I said it. As someone who has been working on creating manifestations, healing their inner child, and going through therapy, I can say that I have been seeking this validation from the outer world. Like looking for those same digit numbers on a price tag like 333 or 111, which by the way, I have been seeing a lot lately.... What do they even mean and do I have to pull out my phone right to figure it out? (Nah, not really, but I do feel these signs are meaningful, so don't misunderstand me). Albeit, I realized that I don't need to seek validation outside of myself. I want to learn how to validate myself, my aura, my whole being, even when I am doing it all wrong. Just that knowing that I am where I am suppose to be without searching for it out of my own inner experiences.

This is my current journey, of learning how to deprogram myself in seeking validation outside of myself ... and I know this is the right path for me, and yes because I heard that inner voice inside of me which is, in some sense, inner validation ;)

Do you want to figure this out with me? Find out as I go through it and figure out what that means to me, and quite possibly what that can mean to you?

I mean, yes I am going to seek OUTSIDE sources to figure this out, but I am doing so to be able to be comfortable to look WITHIN every single damn time I can.

If you are in it.... then stay tuned.... with The Scoop!

What Validation do you Follow?